Home again

Ended up in the hospital for a week on high antibiotics and high pain killers. They say it was Cellulitis. Now at home on I.V. antibiotics. This is the least pain I've had since diagnosis. While in the hospital I found a pain management doctor who actually knows what I have and says he has had many patients that he has successfully been treating for years. I see him next week so hopefully something good happens.

Hi Julie, I'm curious as to what pain killers they had you on.

I've been up all night in extreme pain & debated calling an ambulance all night. I haven't slept much at all the last 4 nights & it has taken a huge toll on me. I have FM/CFS too so I hurt head to toe plus EM level 9 pretty much all night. I can't take hardly any drugs at all because I get side effects & allergic reactions which is what happened this week with Seroquel that I have been taking for over a year to help with sleep. Just out of the blue this week broke out in itching/flushing/swollen hand. Vicodin has never been able to touch my pain & codeine gives me chest pain. I felt like going in & begging for some morphine which I've never tried. Both Gabapetin & Lyrica gave me side effects. I feel at the end of my rope & don't know if I can go another night like what I experienced last night. Of course doctor's office doesn't open until Mon. & will be lucky to get help in a few days. The only drug my friend & I could think of that I hadn't tried for sleep is Atavan(sp?)

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks. Lisa

I feel your pain Lisa, really I do. I was on Norco and tramadol without any relief. In the hospital they gave me IV morphine and finally put me on oral morphine. Both extended release and instant release. That has helped more than anything so far. I also take baclofen for muscle spasms (charlie horses) in my legs and feet which has helped with sleeping. My theory is this. No matter how many or what kind of sleeping aids you take you won't sleep if you have a high level of pain, trust me, I've tried. They just make me more sleepy and grumpy. I am going to my new pain mngmnt doctor tomorrow and will post anything new. My neuro. also noted that blood tests during my stay in the hospital showed high lvls of my platlets and said there is some disorder that has that and can cause the same symptoms so we will be checking into that. Also, I am currently on Dilantin, 300mg at night. It makes you sleepy and still in testing stage to see if it helps with my pain. Tests show it has helped some ppl. I also read that taking an herbel stuff called Feverfew can help. I haven't tested this yet, but with all your allergies and reactions it might be something to try. Have you tried cool water? It might ease it up enough to sleep with your feet in the water. God bless and praying for you. Julie