2nd visit with Pain Mgmnt Doctor today

2nd visit today with Pain Management Dr.......For now, adding Hydroxyzine on an "as needed" basis to my repertoire to see if it helps. I had some in the house from when this all began 6 months ago, (it didn't help at all back then)....and in a moment of desperation took one Friday night after 3 days of flaring...hoping it would at the very least help me sleep. Perhaps coincidental but Saturday it was 1pm before I said to my husband, "hey, my feet don't really hurt today!!"....Worth a try to see if it helps! Also on Nortriptyline and Paxil. Also now have hydromorphone pills for if it gets really bad..trial run with those this weekend to see how I react, and if it is something I would be able to take at work if I have a bad flare. He also wants me to set up an appointment for a lidocaine infusion, which if it helps the pain, will need to be done about once a month or so. Sticking with my almost no meat, no processed foods, no refined sugar (or very little 'cause come on, really?!) and very little dairy way of life for the time being. (a girl has to have her Greek yogurt people!!!) The fun just never ends. Erythromelalgia...the gift that keeps on giving......(almost no sugar Trader Joes chocolate for dinner).

Wishing you all a peaceful and pain free evening.


Hi Tizzy :)

I know right? You can take away a lot of things, but I do really enjoy my Greek yogurt in the afternoon at work! I buy the lowest sugar ones I can find. I will check out that book on Amazon, thank you! I have around 100 cookbooks, but so many of them are lacking in lighter fare or vegetarian. Thankfully, my family will eat pretty much anything I cook. My 16 year old son even requested bulgur, heated up with some honey and brown sugar last week! Ummmm, ya, you can have that whenever you want! LOL!

Yes, so far so good with this doctor. He listens, and talks to me, not at me. Big difference between the two.

Not sure if the Hydroxyzine will help, but he said it is totally worth a try. Gave me a lower dose for during the day and higher for a night. Said only to take as needed, when the pain level is creeping up. Fingers crossed!!!

Thanks for the advice. The doc wants me to take 1 hydromorphone pill this weekend, while mu husband is home,in case any adverse reactions. Then, I would only take them for the really bad days if needed. I hate taking pills so it has to get to a pretty bad place for me to take it. At least it's available if I need it.

I am also at a pain therapists in treatment. I am currently taking Lidocaine patch and Palexia (drug Tapendol) with different active ingredient strength depending on pain intensity. While this takes away the pain not completely gone, but reduced it so much that I can usually fall asleep by.