Hey Everyone!

Thank you for welcoming me into this group! Its so wonderful and yet so sad at the same time that there are others out there like me. Nobody should have to live with this. I can't wait to start reading some posts/posting and getting to know everyone!

Welcome to the group Jbug. I’m glad you found us! So sorry for the belated welcome. I have been off a bit. Isn’t this great? Like you said …not great that others are suffering but great that we found each other and have people who understand to talk to.
Any how…eEnjoy the posts! There is a bundle of great information in there just waiting!
Take care,

Hi Jbug,

And welcome. I'm pretty new to this forum but not new to EM. Glad you have found this forum. The people on it have been of great help to me. It's a relief to know I'm not alone with EM.


So glad you found us JBug.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will make friends here. Look forward to your posts.

Big hug to you and that gorgeous little girl of yours ;)

God bless

mads x