I am sorry for those posts I may have missed and messages I may not have returned

Hello everyone.
I just wanted to apologize to anyone I may not have responded to quickly enough or at all. I have been out of town with a sick family member for the past month but I am back home now. She is still fighting her fight but I had to come back home. It became too much for me both physically and emotionally and it was just time to come back and start taking care of myself again. I was in California and it feels as if summer has already arrived there!
It was difficult for me to keep up while I was away but I am ready to jump back in!
So please don’t give up on me or think me rude or uncaring for my lack of response. If anyone didn’t receive an answer to their questions from me and are still in need of those answers please ask me again I will be sure to get back this time.
I am so grateful to be home! Both my family here in Washington and my family here with Bens friends. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome home ((((((((((Alina))))))))))))))


I am so saddened to hear you have a sick family member.How selfless to 'give yourself', when you are suffering with this wicked EM

Big hug


Thank you for the warm welcome
and understanding Mads! It’s great to be back!

Welcome back, Alina! Mods need to take care of themselves and their families sometimes -- no apologies necessary. But it is nice to see you on the site again. :)

Thank you dancermom and thank you tizzy for your understanding. It was very difficult not only being in an environment I can’t control but all of the added stress too !.; I am grateful for my family. My father flew up to help me fly down and back again and they kept the house as cool as they could. Even so not the same as being home. It is upsetting to have to say no to someone in need because of your condition. All you can do is do what you can and not be hard on yourself when you can’t go on. I’m sure our loved ones understand.
Take care,