Trying to help!

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to catch up with everything, get back to things especially on here I forget to check things to see if I can help or that! Pain can def confuse you can’t it? Two seconds after thinking its like ‘what was I going to do again?’ Lol!

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before, but now I’m back on my feet I just wanted to offer anyone at all any age group, any gender to if they have Facebook to join my Em support page! It is very active, it’s a laid back setting and we are always having a laugh despite everything! We even where showing out baking skills off the other week! Lol. I created it as after my experiences I felt I could maybe offer something to people? I just like to help! I created a helping tips website and finished it at Christmas but still haven’t found a cheap web hosting site! (I’m from UK) so my Facebook support page is my main priority just now!

So if you have Facebook, I’d love to have you! And everyone else is so welcoming on the page as well. If you won’t to search it’s- Erythromelalgia- A helping hand (just incase the link doesn’t work!) but the link is-

Sore for posting this as a discussion I just don’t know how blog posts work and come across! Lol, sorry x

Oh, btw if you have any questions or want to mail me on this, feel free x