I'm Back

Hi Everyone!
I’m sorry to have dropped off the face of the Earth over the summer. In May/June, my work got incredibly busy. That was right around the time I started carisoprodol from my neurologist. I took it for about six weeks with very little relief from my nightly flares, so I stopped taking it. My symptoms were quite reduced over the summer with the exception of sitting on hot airplanes waiting to take off and fantasizing about big buckets of ice. My hands and feet would get red and warm maybe twice a week but it was a nice improvement, which I stupidly thought would last. As the weather here in New Orleans has cooled off, I’m back to almost nightly flares, which usually occur when I enter my warm house after work in the evening. I’ve also had two episodes of Raynaud’s - funny enough only in my middle fingers - over the past 10 days. The Raynaud’s had only happened to me once or twice before. Maybe it’s the change in weather. Maybe it’s the very high stress levels at work or the fact that my two-year old is acting two. Maybe it’s that I haven’t been exercising and have been eating terribly. Interestingly, this was the time of year I first noticed hear symptoms a year ago.
At any rate, I’m back. I’ve been wondering about y’all this whole time I’ve been gone, but by the time I’ve been getting home and taking care of the family, I’ve been too tired to string coherent sentences together or to be much support or help to anyone.

Welcome back Nolasue. I was wondering where you went off to. I was hoping you were just better and off living your life which actually for the most part you were which great! I’m sorry that it has started getting worse again. May I ask are you a flight attendant? I only ask because I was until EM made me medically retire. You mentioned sitting frequently on a hot airplane waiting to take off which makes me think that your frequent flying must be on a smaller commuter type airline because that’s what I flew and the flights were so short and AC on ground wasn’t so great if it was working at all so boarding and waiting to take off till the AC kicked in better were the worst. I was senior enough I would always get my choice of position and would choose the back of the plane so I could sit with water in my shoes and a hand fan on me where the passengers couldn’t see. Helped. … but not will enough to keep it up. Sorry for the long ramble. It’s good to have you back although I wish it were under better circumstances.

Take care,


Welcome back NolaSue,
I too have Raynauds and there are a number of us who find symptoms very much worse in the Winter. I remember my first Winter, before I had any idea what was wrong with me, frightening me silly as it was getting so much worse and I presumed that this worsening was the natural progression of the EM and I wondered if life was going to be worth living. The following Summer was hot (for the UK) but even so, keeping out of the sun and using constant fans and Magicool spray, it wasn’t as bad as the Winter had been. So that is how it goes for me, Summer, especially a traditionally cool English Summer is my best time. As we go into Winter I am apprehensive but knowing it will ease off for a few months every year makes it that bit more bearable.
This is not to say that having a 2 year old and a stressful job doesn’t play a part!

Dear Nolasue,

Great to hear from you but not so great you now suffering with Raynauds. Stress, weather changes, diet....... anything is possible. We have some helpful Raynauds information under our 'Spotlight On' tab which you may find interesting to read. Good to know that you had a more 'comfortable' summer, especially with a two year old. EM/Raynauds double whammy is more than miserable - bless you! What medications you taking now?

We all missed you too girlfriend ;)

Biggest hug

God bless