Hot shower trick

Are the days of a long hot, I mean steamy shower gone because of EM in the feet? Try this. Close the drain on the tub and run the cold water nearly up to the overflow. Open the drain and take that hot shower standing in that cold water.


What a great idea. I’ve tried having a hot bath with my feet out but for some weird reason my feet still flare… Not sure if it’s to do with my body temp… I will definitely give this go tho.

Actually I think there may be a body temp change component. Lots of flairs come after dinner for me and I'm starting to think it's not so much the type of food as the temp, this is something I am about to investigate, will post results.

Now I thought the reason the shower trick works is cause my feet were cold so no flair, but it may be that with all those large blood vessels in the feet close to the surface it cools the whole body. Fact is, I dunno. But I can make a smiley face in the steam covered mirror so who cares?

i go to a camping grounds near my place where they have a cold and open shower, i put a chair down, and the hot water touches only my upper body, and i can stick my feet out of the shower. works amazingly well. i have damage in the foot too so i cant stand up bare foot anyways, this way seems to work for me