How does Salt affect you?

Hi everyone, Ive been having a rough past few days with my hands and I was wondering if anyone has noticed a difference in their condition depending on salt. My hands seem to retain a lot of water and sweat nonstop on some days and I’m going to start seeing if salt intake makes a difference. Hope to hear your experience!!

Best wishes

summer_2009_EM_survey.pdf (3.3 MB) Hello Elle , I think eating salt makes you retain more water thus more sweating. Read this study it’s very accurate !

Salt absolutely triggers my erythromelalgia but u need salt for my dysautonomia and low blood pressure.

Rich foods always worsen my EM; and they’re almost always rich because of salt or sugar. I’m not sure about salt, for me, but sugar and carbs - ALL carbs - worsen my EM. Rice, potato, pasta, it doesn’t matter which. Sugar absolutely causes the burning - including fruit.