Just wondering if salt affects your EM flares at all?

I know that spicy food bugs my EM, and so does eating anything warm. I swear I haven’t had soup or even warm coffee for years! Miss my lattes… : (
Sorry, back to the question: do any of you notice a difference with salt in your diet? Sometimes it actually seems to slow down a flare for me, but then I pay for it ten-food the next day.

I have tried just about everything you can do with your diet to see if it would help (no sugar, no spicy food, no chemicals or preservatives, no dairy or gluten, no nightshades, no alcohol of course, even went Paleo for 99 days). No difference in any attempts. Keep hope there is just something simple and drug free that I coulda do that would help.

Be well everyone!

I stopped drinking caffiene ealry on in my EM journey and also cut out salt at the same time. I do notice a difference now if I eat a meal somebody else has cooked with salt but my EM symptoms are much more managable at the moment but not sure if it's anything to do with diet. I still eat loads of chillies and spicy food tho, thats just one thing I am not willing to give up on (also down to be having EM under control at the moment, might feel different if it deteriate again) I only drink alcohol on social occasions but do notice I pay for it the next day.!

Wow, I’m jealous with the spicy food! : )))
I swear within 15 minutes of a sip of wine my entire body blows up, face too. One big giant flare. I miss wine!

Thanks. Super helpful. Perhaps this will change for me one day,

I will admit to getting the heavy pins and needles legs when I drink alcohol but I get that most days at some point so wouldn't let that stop me ;) I hope you can manage wine without flares at some point.!

Alcohol & salt DEFINITELY brings on a flare very quickly!!! If I suddenly develop a flare after eating & I think back to what I had eaten, most of the time it was something with a high sodium content. I also have been recently developing restless legs in evening after eating a meal with a high sodium content. Not sure what that's all about--a fairly new development. And Im not a diabetic!!

Wow, I thought I was the only one dealing with the restless legs business in the eve’s!
I tend to just wiggle like crazy from EM pain and the pins and needles pain.