Simple changes

Any simple ideas as far as diet is concern: what to avoid and what to eat than anyone can advice? My mom lives in Mexico so AC is out of the question for her. Also I’ve read cymbalta helps some patients with EM, anyone on it?

My husband avoids chilli an d spicy food and does not drink any alcohol. He finds both aggravate his condition.

Maggiebarb said:

My husband avoids chilli an d spicy food and does not drink any alcohol. He finds both aggravate his condition.

I agree, alcohol (I drink wine) definitely sets off symptoms, but some wines more than others. Spicy foods do the same, but I LOVE spicy food, so I just try to have it in moderation, knowing that I'll be paying for it later.

Im the same alcohol,spicy foods,also tomato sauce,i have a Glass of rum & coke every night to help me sleep,even tho this makes me flare, but does help me sleep,always use to have a Glass of Wine but found that started to affect me really bad,spicy foods i love aswell so IF i eat anything sluff i no i will suffer,and i like tomato sauce with certain food but always suffer afterwards,

Thanks for your replies, She does not drink nor eat spicy I will tell her about the tomato sauce, i feel so impotent I dont t know how else to help her, specially from afar.

Has she tried any meds for high blood pressure? Calcium channel blockers and such? Or vitamin D, magnesium, I heard those are supposed to help? Red wine totally kicks mine off really bad. Any of my food allergies as well.

The difficult part in changing food is that we all react different. But maybe she can try to find the foods that vasodilate blood vessels more than other foods and try to avoid them . Anything that reduces blood pressure could increase EM flares. Some people find some relief through increased intake of magnesium, but I would suggest that she not do that without doctor's supervision. Medication is the same *hit or miss* situation - different reaction from people taking the same medication. In the end it all is just trial and error. Good luck to your mother.

As Sarah pointed out alcohol makes me flare s I avoid it now. I allow myself 1-2 drinks a year and only if I am in a cold environment. Red wine I avoid all together sadly as this causes far worse flares than a cocktail .I do miss my red wine . Food I think is different for different people. spicy food will cause flares for me but I have no problems with tomatoes.

She may want to try experimenting with foods and keeping a log to find out what if anything effects her EM.

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Thanks to all for your responses, she is on a calcium channel blocker, blood thinners like heparin, omega 3, vit D and calcium; Does this EM get better in the cooler months?

Mine gets better in the cooler months. It depends on what is causing it. It seems baffling to me but some get worse in the winter. I think for some it is a over reaction to the cold. When they get cold the body tries to warm it back up but gets carried away and the vessels dilate too much and cause symptoms. For me I flare up with temps over 65 f. I also flare with light activity because that causes my body to raise temp. Others do better in warmer weather as long as it’s not too hot. I would be happy if it never got warmer than 65!
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The current warm weather in the uk is making my EM much worse anything above 65 brings it on. Once my feet get hot my time I can stand or walk reduces from 15 minutes down to about 5 minutes before aching and burning unbearable and I have to sit down. Too much sugar brings mine on, really sad as I have a sweet tooth!

Quite a few foods contribute to my flares. Damn it. Chocolate will also cause a flare. Double damn it. I have read that chooclate is an amine food and a strong histamine releaser (or maybe it's a histadine releaser that turns to histamine -- I'm bad at science) But, anyway, occasionally I just have to have it and live with the consequences. Against all reason. Madness, I know and I so regret it when I do it. But not enough to stop eating it occasionally. Although the occasions I eat it are becoming much less frequent.


I wonder if homeopathic or any alternative medicine works with this problem, has anyone tried a different approach?

I tried acupuncture with two different practitioners and it made no difference to anything but one visit, my last, triggered a shocker of a migraine. Years before emergence of EM symptoms I tried homeopathy for anxiety and headaches and decided, for me, it's a waste of time, energy and money. Over the years I tried a number of other different alternative 'healing' measures. None of which have 'healed' anything.

My new gp suggested to me I might like to try some sort of touch healing where the practitioner touches you and can tell what is lacking in your body or something. To which I relied that I didn't think so. I think he started off thinking I was a 'head case' but that attitude has changed since my specialists have started writing to him.

I'm now one of those people who want some scientific research done on something before I try it.