How quickly could Aspirin Work - if it is going to work?

I went to my regular dermatologist last Thursday, May 15 and he was the first person who ever mentioned aspirin therapy to me. So since Thursday ( only 3 days) I have taken a tablet of aspirin each day. But remember, I have also been upping my sodium and reducing my fluid too.

Yesterday and today, I feel like the flares are changing- yesterday there seemed to be more of them but the toes didn't get as swollen and they passed more quickly. Today I have numbness and disturbances and some mild burning but not the same as before.

Could it be true that 3 days of aspirin could help? Yesterday I had to take 3 because I had a bad head ache and so I needed to take 2 for the headache.

Any thoughts? I am not "looking a gift horse in the mouth"- but I have done several things at once and I am not sure IF anything is helping but things seem very very different.

Thank you dear friends!


Dearest Jordy,

Have reposted a discussion ' Schedule for Aspirin therapy' , and research for you and the rest of our wonderful EM family ;)