I am asking for some opinions/advice/thoughts on an upcoming appt. with Dr. Davis at Mayo Clinic

Hi to everyone.

I have an appt. soon with Dr, Davis and have a lot of concerns. I am living in S. CA., so getting to Minnesota is going to be a HUGE problem. Also from all of my recent research on him it seems that he mainly diagnoses you, not much in the way of trying treatments. And the treatments he does seem to try are all topicals. Been there already. With no good results.

My (legally separated for 11 years but staying with me and helping me for almost 2 years now) husband called Mayo months ago and had me put on the list for Dr. Davis. I would not have done it because after 2 years and over 30 doctors, I have hit the end of my tolerance for the medical field. Other than minimal pain relief meds.

Just reading over the tests he does makes me feel physically sick.

My fingers are already hurting from this typing, but any opinions would be a huge help. We would have to drive there in an RV. I could never manage any type of car, and an airplane is out of the question. Going through all that just to get an EM diagnosis, which I already got over a year ago, would turn me into a raving lunatic!!!

When I ask Mayo, they are a little evasive. They tell me people come from all over the world to see him, etc. They also tell me I may only see him once during the week of testing. You start on a Monday and go outpatient for 4 days of tests, then see him at the end.

Thanks in advance!

Hi TwinkleToes,

Well, it so happens that I am seeing Dr. Davis this Tuesday (Aug. 4) and will have the same week of diagnostic testing you are facing/considering. Like you, I was put on the wait list months ago. I have already been informally diagnosed by the many doctors I have already seen, and have the same questions and concerns that you have. Fortunately, I live much closer in Illinois, so I only have to endure a half day car ride. I would be happy to private message you during my visit and Mayo and tell you more about the whole expertence. When are you scheduled to go to Mayo?

that's quite a coincidence.!!!

I am supposed to go sept 28 to oct 2nd

I will send you a PM now

thank you so much for responding.


I’m hoping you can help me because my rheumatologist said he can’t help me any further (he is the head of the rheumatology department of Scripps San Diego) and recommends I go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and he can follow-up on what they recommend. There is no question that I have EM and I have tried so many of the meds on Dr. Cohen’s list and even topicals recommended by the Mayo Clinic. I live in San Diego so it would be a long trip for me to make. My husband wonders if they would consult remotely but I doubt it. Just wondering how things worked out for you. My rheumatologist said all the tests could be done in one day? You mentioned 4 days? Any insight you have would be helpful.

My left foot has been swollen for over a year now. My life is ruled by EM. I try to do all I can but it’s very hard.

Thanks in advance for your help!