IgA Deficiency

3 years ago, when Drew was 10, he was diagnosed with IgA Deficiency. This diagnosis came after a routine blood test. Drew has always been susceptible to infections and we spent a lot of time at the pediatrician's office. 2 years ago we were referred to an allergist/immunologist to find out what could be done about his frequent infections. The allergy testing revealed that Drew is allergic to practically every plant/tree/flower. He began taking allergy injections. Also at the time of his allergy testing, Drew had been fighting a sinus infection that had lasted months. An MRI was ordered and showed his sinuses were completely filled with infection. The doctor ordered a PICC line. Drew received Rocephen for 10 days straight. Thankfully, that cleared up the infection. He now takes antibiotics 3 times a week. Whenever Drew is sick, he does not have a fever, but he definitely has an increase in flares.