I have had the worst few months of my life. I have been hospitalised for the past month in total (was in and out 3 times though my overall stay is a month). I first got admitted with non stop sickness… Then developed septic throat/tonsillitis syst couldn’t eat nor drink or even swallow… Two weeks later I got let home, within a week I was back in with non stop sickness again! They discovered it was caused by inflammation as from my throat to my stomach there wasn’t one part not badly inflamed. For a full month I hadn’t ate nor drank proper. I got out of hosp Thursday there (good to be home) and am eating and drinking plenty! But the strangest thing was whilst I was this ill, my EM dissappeared? I had the odd tingle but no EM yet, the moment my health improved EM is back and painful? Has anyone else ever experienced this when ill?

I am the opposite, when in bad health my EM gets worse. I have just had tonsilitis and noticed that my feet were worse than before. It seems to be easing back again now I'm starting to feel a little better.(I must be one of the only people who can NOT eat for days and still manage to put on 3lb, I think maybe it's the Gabapentin)

Glad you are feeling a bit better now :)