August 2011 ulcers and some left over superglue.

Holy shit man, I thought my feet were bad....I feel for you brother. What are you on for pain ? Is this not heading into amputation territory ?

My feet are now 100% healed up. Well, almost 100%. Now that they are healed they don't flare as often. AND I have been sleeping better.

Glad to hear things have finally healed.!

Laura, when I finally got the finally healing the EM is not near as bad. They still flare, but not all of the time. Wounds by the very nature of being a wound...heats up. So the wound would heat up and the flare was imminent. Actually one foot is heating up right now and I can not see the wound but am sure there is something below the surface. When that heals I will be in EM heaven. Well, almost. I use cold water bags now. Remember to never place your feet in cold water to control the temperature. AC is good and cold water bags are good.

You got such a horrible ulcers from using cold water/ice? Jeeeze, you must have suffered a lot! Glad things are much better for you now!!! Stay strong!