Is The Erythromelalgia Association worth joining?

I am trying to get more info about EM since I think I am experiencing it. However, I am really low on funds. They only require a minimum donation of $5, but the suggested is $20. I feel bad not making the $20 donation (I work for a non-profit, so I know how important those donations are...of course non-profit don't pay well, so that's why I am low on funds...haha what a catch-22), but I want to make sure it's worth it before I shell out $20.

Also, it is secure and everything, right?


If you’re looking for more information its worth the $20…there’s a great deal of literature and ongoing research that might be useful to you

Yes, it is definitely secure. There are many research articles on the website as well.

Thank you both! Once my bills are paid on the 1st, I will shell out the $20. All I really needed to know was that it was a good place to go for hard-to-find info...I am so used to expecting everything on the internet will be free! :P