It's a start

Just a little heads up, dont bust me about punctuation or spelling...just because im a dumb ass lol ok well anyways..

A bit of a recap of last nights events....about 8pm ish the pain started to roll in and sooo the drama began (yet again) with the screaming and begging and pleading for the horrid stabbing, burning, twisting, crushing, hammering pain to stop. My friend called the ambulance as i had passed out for my second time on the couch and was unresponsive for about 15 minutes. The ambulance came and they gave me the green whistle (Penthrox) to help with the excruciating pain, and to help me walk out to the ambulance. every step i took it felt like i was walking on vinegar coated nails.

So i get to the hospital and I have literally gone through an entire whistle...than a nurse came and put me on a wheel chair while I'm crying in pain and wheeled me out to the waiting was sooo PACKED. every seat was filled and there were people standing up. Anyhow I was sitting there sobbing and crying because the pain was so feet were sooo swollen they felt like they were literally going to explode. One of the nurses came out and came up to me and got in my face and was like "EXCUSE ME?! You are scaring other people with the noises you are making will you keep it down? You were quiet when they brought you in, so why are you putting it on now?" I was mortified that i was told to shut up when in excruciating pain...i wouldn't want to draw attention to myself, I'm not that kinda person. that just upset me so much that I called my partner (who was on his way home from work) and told him to just come and pick me up. I was not going to be staying there waiting for 12 hours just to get 2 panadine forte pills, especially since I could get them at home. On the bright side they gave me another Penthrox whistle which I took home with me and it helped me get to sleep.

I hope you had a better day today. You should really try to find out what is causing the painful flares. Your body might be super sensitive to any toxins like mine is. For example, hot spices, MSG, raw garlic,…etc. I feel for you and know what you are going through so I was hoping that you could prevent the flares or at least reduce them.

I hope you write to the hospital to complain about that nurse. I showed this to my sister who is a paramedic here in Scotland. She was horrified that you were put in a waiting area, especially when you had been given pain relief by the ambulance crew, that wouldn’t happen over here, you should also be seen within four hours, max. With a doctor and a nurse in the family too, we were all disgusted by the nurse’s behaviour. If he or she cannot understand something basic like “people get upset when they are in terrible pain” and “pain relief WEARS OFF” then they should be struck off.

First off i would like to than you Karenatl and Starsmurf for your comments. My flare ups seem to coincide with eating carbohydrates, like bread, rice and pastas etc. So I've been trying to limit how much of them i am eating.

About the hospital that i was taken too...that is common practice there. There have been a hell of a lot of things go wrong there due to incompetent staff, but hospitals over here have a hard enough time getting nurses because of the pay situation and stuff. There was a time when i was pregnant with my first child i sat in the waiting room for 16 hours only to be told i have a UTI and to drink more water, the didn't even take a pee sample or nothing, the "doctor" literally just poked me in the stomach hard and said yep uti. about a month later when i went to my antenatal appointment i had something up with the placenta, i forget what it was called. But the point is they are a crappy hospital and it really didnt surprise me that they would do that to me...after she said if i give you another green whistle, than will you be quiet? i got that penthrox and i was out of there.

I have been wondering about you lately and how you have been doing. You should try to keep a written record of what you eat and when you have flaring. I know when I eat white rice I flare but if I have brown rice I don’t. How much salt I have with it is important too. With too much sodium in my system my feet get very swollen, red, edema (all that uncomfortable stuff). It’s not fun! I think it might be the chemical bleaches used in the white rice which affects me. Try quinoa too. Have you ever had it? It’s good to know your body and what it reacts to. Take care (& try to stay away from that hospital). Is there a better one or a better doctor you can go to?