IV pulse therapy of methylprednisolone for EM

Hi guys,

Davipot has posted that her beautiful daughter is about to have IV pulses of methylprednisolne. This is one treatment option we have not really discussed on LWE .

So for all of us to better understand ,researched attached.


a corticosteroid, similar to a natural hormone produced by your adrenal glands. Often used to replace this chemical when your body does not make enough of it. It is know to relieve inflammation (swelling, heat, redness, and pain) and is used to treat certain forms of arthritis.Prednisolone often one of the trial medications offered to EM'ers - usually given in tablet form.

Pulse therapy:

refers to discontinuous infusions (IV) of high doses of glucocorticoids over a short period of time

I am so sorry that your daughter has this miserable condition Davipot

I know all Em'ers will have your daughter in their hearts and thoughts at this time.

All the mod team are sending you love and positive energy!

Please let us know how things go ((((((((Davipot))))))))

God bless

mads x

267-MethylprednisolonepulsetherapyinEM.pdf (576 KB) 268-MethylprednisoloneSoluMedrolIntravenousIVDilution.htm (32.7 KB)

Can I echo the good wishes for Davipot’s daughter. We will be thinking of you both. Also thanks Mads for providing all the links and saving me from having to scour the Internet searching for them x

Oh ((((((((((Nel)))))))),