Has any body had any luck with lidocaine infusions to help the pain of em.


I too am interested in the answer of this question. If my Prednisone trial gives no relief (believe it is heading that way, but did think in the beginning it was going to help, so the jury is still out) I would like to try the Lidocaine infusions. AND does it help with just the pain or does it help with the flaring and swelling too? Jim

hello Jim I tried prednisone treatment it did not help me but who knows I hope it helps you.


Hey Dale, your post is 4 yrs old, but I’m going to answer it anyway in case someone else is researching lidocaine infusions. I had an IV on Monday, had a couple of good days but am now burning again. I’m going to pick the brains of other EMers to see if there’s any benefit to doing it again. Good luck to you.