Lotarstan and prozac for em and raynaud's?

Has any one been prescribed these before?

Lotarstan? is this mispelled?

be cause my husband take Losartan for blood pressure.

I saw my doctor last Friday. He increased my gabapentin to 2x a day & it has really helped the EM in my feet. There's is less pain & what I have is a lot more bearable.

I had Losartan prescribed by the Royal Free Hospital (Rheumatology Dept) last October. Only took it for about 6 weeks as it caused a lot of swelling in my legs and made made me nauseous. The nausea may have been caused by another drug I was taking at the time or a combination of the two. I felt very unwell so stopped taking it, much to the dismay of my own GP. I also developed what he classed as 1st degree burns of the skin on my legs whilst on the Losartan. Had to treat them for several weeks with burn dressings while they healed. Have yet to tell the Royal Free that I stopped them but am due to go in there on the 29th for Iloprost infusions when I will have to confess all.

Have you started taking them yet if you have had them prescribed?

Haven't had Prozac but take Amitriptyline which is an anti-depressand known as a Tri-cyclic. Prozac is the other type of anti-depressant known as an SSRI (seratonin re-uptake inhibitor). Haven't checked out what the actual difference is between the different types though.

Good luck with both if you do take them, remembering that what might suit one may not suit another. I have Primary EM with a bit of Raynauds thrown in for good measure.

I take Losartan for high blood pressure not EM. I’ve tried everything out there and for me the only thing that helps is Gabapetin. I can take up to the max dose of 3600 mg per day. Go see a Neurologist they may be able to give you something better than prozac.

i have been taking losartan doesn't seem to be working and yes it was prescribed by the royal free

You will have had to do the blood test for the Losartan too. Mine was ok but other problems as I said earlier. I was also told to take the vitamins you mentioned but I often forget to take them I'm afraid. I do use argan oil on my feet and legs especially. It is rich in vitamin E which is good for your skin. I was also given lots of leaflets about scleroderma and lupus etc., so we have obviously been seen by the same clinic. They also said to try a daily low dose aspirin. Haven't done that either. Too many pills. I am fed up having to write them down whenever I take them otherwise I lose track.

Losartan is for lowering blood pressure. I have never suffered from this in my life so thought it an odd drug to try.

How about you?

In pain said: l have been taking losartan doesn't seem to be working and yes it was prescribed by the royal free