Low body temperature?

My regular (oral) body temperature is usually between 97.2 and 97.6 Fahrenheit. Does anyone else out there in the EM world have a low body temp? Just a stab in the dark really, but it doesn't seem wholly unbelievable that a low body temp might have something to do with being extra-sensitive to heat.

My body temperature is also always low. And since I have EM I get cold easily. Before EM (BEM) I was always hot. Not so long ago was on high doses of Prednasone and would wake up in a cold sweat every single morning. Does any of that help? Jim

I also run low temps,....usually 97.6-97.9 and also get cold easily. Although I have generally been one to get cold easily, even before my EM diagnosis!

My body temp is also low, around 97.8 (36.6 C for those in Europe). It's hard to tell what is cause, what is effect and what is simply coincidence. Feeling cold easily could also be due to Raynaud's disease/phenomenon, as many people with EM have it too.