Temperature drop

Does any one else experience a sudden drop in body temperature before a flare?

Most afternoons or early evening I will suddenly feel really cold (even on a warm day) and not long after my usual flare will start.

Any earlier in the day flares aren't preceded by this temperature drop, only in the late afternoon/early evening.

This has been going on for about a year now although I have had EM since around April 2011.

Me too. Late afternoon I always experience this and perversely put it down to the fact that late afternoon is when our body temperature begins to rise and, like when you have a fever, it makes you feel chilled. Just my interpretation but I haven’t given it much thought.

It happens so quickly, just like flicking a switch. One second I'm warm and comfortablle, the next I start to shiver. It takes a long time to get back to feeling comfortable again and often use a hot water bottle to help keep my upper half warmer while the feet just get on with flaring. This is such a weird condition.

Hi everyone,

I also use hot water bottle to help keep upper body warm as my temperature suddenly drops.However cant stand heat for more than few minutes...... I shake im so cold. Again its mostly late afternoon and evening. I read somewhere its to do with biorhythms and metabolism. My lower limbs feel like they are frozen/ frost bitten. Its almost like the body chills to try to minimise or cope with the flare . I purposely stay cold as slightest heat just triggers my EM worst than usual. This is a weird and horrible condition. I apparently also have fibro.

Does anyone else take their blood pressure and pulse? My pulse is very low 55-62. They always check it again.

God bless