Mayo Clinic 2

If anyone else is going to Mayo Clinic please message me! I live 3 blocks away and would love to meet up if I’m well enough.

I just wanted to say Hello Sarah. I am the one that never changed my Bio and still haven't! HA! My Bio stating that I am at the mayo were I was when I wrote it a few years ago. I just thought I would post to get this back on the front page because I think there are a couple of people going there soon and I don't want them to miss your post! What a lovely Idea to be able to meet with you while they are there. Too bad I didn't know of you when I was there. I would of loved to have met you. You might take a look at the posts about the mayo recently and introduce yourself to them. I hope that works. I have never met anyone in person with EM and I think that would be pretty special. I hope if they do come you are feeling well enough.

Take care,