I have been diagnosed with EM for about 2 years now but have suffered from 'something' for most of my life, I am now 42. I have tried a range of medication with my current being duloxetine and carbamazepine with tramadol for flare ups. None of this now seems to be working, even the Tramadol for flare ups. 1 tablet has no effect and 2 tablets absolutely wipes me out, even in the morning if I take it at night! Anyone got any further suggestions I could go to my Dr with? My latest flare up has been 8 weeks now and I am desperate for sleep. I am a teacher and dreading going back to school next week on a couple of hours. I am also having a bad case of restless leg at the moment as well, don't know if they are both going hand in hand or just that it is once I am awake with one the other flares up??

I have tried various medications and different combinations but I always found that to get the dose at an amount where it helped properly then the sied effects were too much to deal with. I got to the point where I was taking one med for EM and then something else to combat the side effects, followed by something else to get rid of the side effects of second med. I know finding medication for EM is a trial and error and what works for one doesn't work for others.

I had good results from 3000 mg Gabapentin daily, citralopram and asprin for a while but it ended up sedating me, not good when you're an ealry years practitioner and have 60 4 year olds to work with.

I really hope you find something to help. I am medication free at the mo but I know I won't be able to sustain it long term, I am finding the widespread chronic pain harder to deal with than the EM but there are times when my EM takes off and it becomes absolutely unbearable, then it's a trip back down medicated lane.!


Thanks for the reply good luck with your little ones and being on your feet so much!

I was lucky (if you could say that) that I had 3 hospital appointments last week so my feet did get more of a rest than they would normally on a school week. Not that it made much of a difference, with the slight weather change plus being on them more my feet flared much more than usual.

I hoep you managed to get through your first week without too much pain.?