My ass fell off...but I'm OK

Hi gang

Today I'm celebrating a birthday and an anniversary. Ty, ty. the birthday is the 52nd and the anniversary is number 1. Because of EM I now only walk from my bedroom to the bathroom, and only when it's right for me. The deciding factor to get a wheel chair came when my kids came to visit, we went someplace, I had a flair, (more on the spelling later), and they had to sit there for almost 2 hours before I was ready to walk to the car. The pain was unbearable! Not the EM pain, the pain from seeing the kids feel bad for me. I didn't want that to happen anymore so I got the chair and promised myself that for them I will be strong.

I knew that my legs would atrophy and if my weight stayed the same, my body fat would go up (again), and I could slip into type II diabetes, (again). So I'm eating a little smarter and and I lost 20 lbs in this last year. I'm thinking I lost a lot more than that in muscle tissue but it's a good start. (tall and big build)

Now to the point. I did a sideways glance in the mirror to gander the shrinking stomach. Now that's when I noticed that my ass fell off. Don't be confused about the adjective "ass", because apparently I can still be one, I just don't have one. Have you seen my ass? Perhaps you have a spare you can send? I don't need much, a little padding for my favorite park bench will suffice. Off white will match but I'm not picky.

I should edit the wiki and add "ass falls off" as a symptom.

Flair - Stylishness and originality, according to Merriam. So my body shows stylishness with nice vivid colors in the red/purple spectrum. Texture too! The veins pop nicely, can't wait to take a 3D photo for those who have not seen this. That's pretty original, right?

I'm putting on weight due to Gabapentin, now up 10lbs so you could laways have some of my ass..!! :)

ps Happy Birthday and hope you've enjoyed you anniversary




and any other acronym inserted here. I laughed soooooo hard 'cause it's been a while since anyone has offered me ass. I do however remember gaining weight when on gab also. Don't even worry about it, weight gain as a result of searching for relief is ok in my book. So now I'm wondering if a cheeseburger might help.

Lol.... I think the most upsetting thing is I lost a stone and a half when my symptoms went into remission and it's now slowly creeping back on. I am very lucky in the fact that I am able to do certain exercises daily but it's hasn't been enough to keep it off, I'm gaining 2lbs a week since increasing the dose to 9 x 300mg a day. Arrgghhh

Congrats on the weight loss.... are you on any meds at the minute..?