Hi everyone!

When I was little and my EM was totally under control and didn't limit me whatsoever, I was an avid swimmer. However, ever since my EM escalated when I was about 12, I've been exercising less and less. I know it's good for me (and I want to have a beach bod obviously), but whenever I do any sort of exercise (weight bearing is worse, but it's ANY kind) I have terrible flare ups...

What do you guys do for exercise or to keep fit? I love junk food way too much and I'm trying to eat better but it sure is tough to stay motivated! Anything would help! (This may seem completely shallow, but i'm a college freshman what'dya expect?.. but guys aren't exactly lining up at the door for me so i'm really trying to get better)

PS this woman who has neuropathy approached me today about the motorized scooter I use, and asked me for the name of it. She made my day knowing that I was able to help! Also she told me I was adorable so that didn't hurt hahaha ;)