Just wondering what ideas some of you have for staying healthy with diet and exercise?!?

I find that I have to keep moving, though sometimes it is very painful. I am able to use a stationary recumbent bike without too much pain and it hasn't caused my feet to flare. (I wear loose slip-on slippers with a firm sole and shearling lining while on the bike.)

I find that I can use a spin cycle at the gym, as long as I vary the resistance and speed I don't have too many side effects. I do get a numb tingly foot/leg while exercising but I push through and notice that if I have cool shower afterwards its stops me flaring. I (wrongly) took gp advice and stopped exercising for 18 months and found that I had more flares/pain than now I exercise. I have now lost the 21 lbs I put on when taking doctors advice. I also do pilates and boxercise, again I have to keep my feet moving in boxercise otherwise they swell/flare. I leave my trainers loose(ish) to alow for any small swelling.

Thanks for your comments… I stopped exercising, and have gained a lot of weight. I tried the elliptical, and after 20 minutes, my entire left foot was numb. I pushed through and flared pretty badly afterwards. What about swimming? Have you tried that?

I tried the elliptical a couple of weeks ago and found the same thing with completely numb leg/foot... I think its the repeated action that caused me to flare.. I haven't tried swimming just because I wasn't a very strong swimmer as a child and my arms tire to quickly... I guess I've never really tried since becoming an adult.