How does everyone on here exercise? Do you push through flare ups?

I bought a bicycle exercise machine. This is the type that sits on a table and I use my hands to peddle. You can change the tension of the peddling. I bought the table that it sits on. Have been using that for aerobic exercise. I have been using that for 45 minutes a day, 4 days a week. I could never walk or place my feet in peddles. I do this in the morning after I get my feet down for the first time. It doesn't make my feet flare any more than any other time. I can keep them on cold water bags.

YES. i have to a lot, it makes me flare for a while, but when it calms down, im colder than i was before i started working out. i only do so when its really cold out, or if my feet are freezing after keeping them on cold water bags. i use either bicycle machine/stairs/ elliptical. i cant do the running machines obviously, makes me flare wayyyy to fast

i am still trying to figure this one out myself...it is really hard for me to push myself, i hate the extra pain it takes....but i have bought myself a bike and went last sunday for my first ride....hurt bad for two days after but i know i have to keep pushing myself since i have gained 40 lbs since december.....most of that weight was from the cymbolta and not wanting to hurt more......all the cymbolta did was give me weight gain.....i am not happy at all with the weight gain because i lost 100 lbs six years ago and had managed to keep it off and damn it felt good.....i am so afraid of being there again.....i am very depressed with myself right now because of the weight i have put on.....i dont want to be that girl ever again, she was not a happy person......

I have just bought that : http://www.isokineticsinc.com/mm5/graphics/00000001/MagneciserAngle.jpg But is it summer now, it is very warm and I have to wait automn to use it. I just had some "not too warm" days to try it, and it is very useful ! Because I have fidgets in my legs, and I can put it on my bed and pedal laying down, with my feet raised, which makes flares coming up later. Besides, the pedals are in contact with the only part of my underfeet which is not sensitive to friction (archs of my feet). I am impatient to be in automn...

I cycle for the cardio exercise, I used to run, do body attack, combat and boxercise before the EM got worse but can’t do that any more. I also have pain sensitivity and something with with my cns (the exact disorder is not identified as yet). This means that I’m in almost constant pain somewhere in my body, always neck, shoulders, back and left arm but random pains anywhere at any time on top.
I cycle outdoors when I can, and go to spin classes at the gym. The air conditioning helps a bit and the more I went the easier the flares/pain became. I find it extremely hard but it is definitely worth out. I also do pilates every week too.
I am currently reading http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1572240504/ref=redir_mdp_mobile whichhas alot t of tips on exercising and also says about the importance of it. There are lots of stretches in there too to help you start off…

I swim. The cool water feels good all over my body and there's no pressure on my feet. I swim indoors most of the time except for the summer.

Even if you can't swim, just treading water is a good work out!

I also do yoga.

I use a recumbent exercise bike, about 20 miles a week. I also do a routine of calisthenics 4 times a week, and daily stretches. I used to rebound on a mini-tramp, but of course will never do that again. I am very grateful for my bike, and find that I feel so much better in so many ways when I exercise each day.

Regarding the flaring, I cannot do the bike in the later afternoon because I will flare badly. But I find that I can do it first thing in the morning and it actually helps get my blood moving and reduces the swelling in my feet and hands.

I do yoga now. It is so frustrating. I cannot feel my feet after 5 min of running and elliptical and I get terrible burning and heaviness. Unfortunately, the wt is creeping on because of this!

I was riding a recumbent bike for an hour after work, but recently started having issues with flaring while riding or flares right after I would get home. I believe it’s the 100 degree weather we are having now. I tried to bike through it a couple of times, but it’s not fun! I really need to start back because it made me feel better overall. I just ordered A foot machine for work because right now I keep my feet elevated all of the time. This is the foot machine: http://www.humanscale.com/products/product_detail.cfm?group=FM500. I have bad circulation and blood pools in my feet so I’m hoping this helps. Here is a short and interesting explanation of it’s purpose: http://www.humanscale.com/products/FootMachineBenefits.cfm