Does working out make your EM flares worse or better?

I make myself do some sort of mat workout 6 days a week (for years now) with my EM (aka Ethel). Am wondering if maybe I am angering Ethel more by doing that? Everything else in my life has become much more difficult as Ethel progresses (showers, drying hair, flossing, cutting my food, dressing, etc), so I was wondering about it.

Any infor would be great!
Happy Fourth of July everyone!


i know for me it does. just going for a walk or bike ride kills. if i do to much in one day i am no good for two to three day. so the result of the not being able to exercise much i have gained weight i am not happy with. i used to be 230lbs, then i lost 105 lbs 6.5 yrs ago. now i have gained 60 back :(

Hi Pesto, well it does depend on what sort of workout, i only found i had this condition through excessive body building due to being part of a boxing club. I'm 16 and had to give this up because of the frequent flares, i get flares that caused from such little things such as picking up a few bricks. Hope this helped and dont hesitate to excercise if need be im just naturally fit anyway so there was no need try eating well such as daily Salads and eat meat as little as once a week... Also i would recommend beatroot juice personally i hate beatroot but can increase blood circulation which is the main problem of EM.

Good luck, Jed

I still exercise but I have had ot change what I do because of the EM and fibro. i cycle up to 25 miles once a week and do 3 spin classes. I do listen to my body tho and make sure I am either in an air conditioned gym or cycle first thing in the morning when I know it is cooler. I also do pilates a couple of times a week. Yes it effects my EM but I am unwilling to give up everything I love, already given up so much.!

It is important to remember to listen to your body, I don't exercise if I I am not feeling as able as usual. I pace everything in my life now.!

Sorry for the lag. I have been plagued by flares this week, and lots of new hard bumps on my hands and feet that hurt so much!

Ok thanks for all of the great replies! So helpful. I used to run marathons, then my EM surfaced. I named her Ethel since its easier to scold her that way : ). Now I can barely get through a simple mat workout at home. Certainly can’t ride a bike or go for a walk anymore. I have to guilt myy husband to walk to the dog since I can’t do it without getting a day-long flare.
So annoying!

Hey Jed, that beet root juice scares me! Anything that I have taken or been given so far for increased circulation seems to make Ethel go bonkers.

I was debating on getting some kettleballs since i hear that people get great short workouts in, but of course those people dont have EM. In a perfect world I would have awesome muscles and not have to do too much, right? Ha!

This morning I did manage to get my mat workout done, even if I was holding an ice pack in each hand.

Happy Friday everyone!

I cant do any type of cardio. But normally I can do strenght training at the gym on the weighr machines. I also do these deep breathing exercises called Body Flex. They are kind of like yoga and pilaties which I can also do those. I also wear a belly band to workout with around my waist. It help me sweat and keeps the rest of my body cool.