Survived vacation

so i have been on the vacation off my life in the last 2 weeks, flew to Florida for a 6 day cruise in the Caribbean and then yesterday to Walt Disney World. i had to be wheelchair bound most of the cruise until the wheelchair broke....and yesterday at Disney world we had a new wheelchair because there is no way i could do all that walking. by the end of the day i was in so much pain i could barely stand it. during this whole vacation my legs have been so swollen and painful due to the hot weather and humidity. i am used to below 65 degree weather in northern California. but i survived and it was definitely worth it. i got to do a lot of the things and go to places i always wanted to key west where we went nature kayaking, grand cayman islands where we went snorkeling at the barrier reef and jamaica where we went horseback riding. and of course to Disney world where i went on roller coasters for the first time ever. finally gonna fly back to california tomorrow and flying hurts me too. does anyone else have problems with high elevation and pain? will be happy to be home, i have missed my boys so very much.

I moved from sealevel to about 800ft elevation. I have been here and my EM gets worse every year. When you ask about pain from elevation do you mean your symptoms worsen? I wonder if that is why my pain has got so bad these last 2 years.

Hi, we just recently had a vacation at high elevation in the NC mountains and I was able to do more than usual. My feet did better overall. The temperature was perfect, cool breeze, low humidity. I went extreme hiking (and flared, but could tolerate it). It was a wonderful vacation!

Now we are in Orlando on a mini vacation. We arrived this afternoon and as soon as I got out of the car, my feet turned bright red, severe burning/stinging, veins protruding. I could barely make it into the timeshare. I spent the evening in bed with my feet elevated, running microcurrent and fanning them while everyone else was having dinner. I’m a little discouraged and want the rest of my vacation to be enjoyable. The weather is so humid. Maybe I should try the lazy river or pool tomorrow. Kudos to you for going to Disney! :slight_smile: I’m glad you were able to enjoy your Florida vacation!