Swollen feet

Had a bad ending to my weekend.My hubby and I went to the R.V.show and walked around for about 3 hrs.I even wore tennis shoes came home and my feet were so red and swollen and hurt.It's so hard not to be able to enjoy doing things you used to do.I don't even want to think about when summer comes back i'm not sure that I will even be able to ride our Harley.Now that I know thats why my feet were red and swollen after a ride.I just thought it was because my feet were by the exhaust pipes.I was always so active and don't like having to slow down...Sorry just needed to vent also found out my daughter and grandson will be moving again my son-inlaw is in the Army.

I too miss the life I had ..... Always the life and soul of the party .... Walked miles with the dog ..... Went on all the fair ground rides with my grand/children .... Now I hobble on feet I find difficult to recognize as my own ! .... My heart goes out to you my Lovely I know exactly how you feel .... Take care xxx