My happy bubble has burst

When I wrote about my best Christmas ever I said at the end that I would probably get my come uppance and that is just what has happened over the last six weeks or so.

The Amiltriptyline (20mg) which worked like magic stopped working so well and I was experiencing more flares on a daily basis and the relatively 'normal' life I had been enjoying gradually faded away. The fans and cool packs are out of storage and the shoes are back in the cupboard as I can't get them on my swollen feet. Just bought a really unglamorous pair of sandals with velcro straps which will adjust to whatever size my feet are when I need to go out.

Eventually, at the beginning of March I went back to the doctor.

Prior to seeing him I had tried taking an extra 10mg pill which left me really spaced out and drowsy and I didn't feel safe on my own indoors and I certainly couldn't go out.

Anyway, doctor upped the dose from 20mg to 25mg daily and I am trying to cope on that.

I did try alternating 25mg with 30mg but the extra was really too much for me to function so I am now coming to terms with the swelling, burning and pain which although dulled a little is still bad enough to leave me sleepless, frustrated and fed up with a permanently foggy brain.

On a happier note, the daffodils are out and the sun is shining. Just wish I could sit out in it.

Oh yes, nearly forgot. I have been asked to attend a medical teaching clinic in late April to assist in teaching Junior Doctors and Medical Students about EM. Anything which gets this condition out there can only be for the good. What a shame that the more senior doctors can't attend as they need educating about EM too.

Even if my feet aren't flaring at the time my right foot especially is always swollen and red/purple so should at least look the part. I'll go armed with lots of information and photographs too.

Please make sure u let us know all about it. Any info is better than none

Hello Lauri,

I will post on here after the appointment at the teaching clinic. Don't quite know what to expect. Maybe I'll be asked to give a history or maybe the students will be asked to try and make a diagnosis from my symptoms. I'd even be prepared to warm up my feet to flare point so they can feel the heat! The way things are just now it's likely they will be flaring anyway.

Last paragraph should read left foot not right foot which is always swollen etc. Silly me, don't know if I am coming or going lately.