Why me?!?!

The last few weeks my EM symptoms have been slim to nothing which i am so grateful for! But yesterday the symptoms started back. first in my feet then in my hands. it wasnt to bad but i sure didnt miss it but today OH BOY. i forgot how agonizing this disease could be. i am in so much pain and i feel as if my hands are gonna bust. the pain, the itchiness, the swelling. OMG. just make it stop. as soon as i get it to ease off it comes back 10x . I just wish i had a way to fix this…

I am so sorry to hear your symptoms got worse again. This is the scary part of EM, you never know how tomorrow is going to be! Just Sunday I talked to people about how good I am doing and asked to be put back on the charity work group at our church. And wham! Sunday night and Monday all day my EM is playing up! Life become so closed in because you are scared to start anything, not knowing how you are going to be tomorrow! You are in my thoughts, hope you will be better again soon.

Dear Moxie,
Amazon sells an 8 hr cooling pack. One is 12’’ X12’’. I keep 2 in the freezer. I fold one in half and wrap it in a soft kitchen towel. It is SO COMFORTING! When a really bad flare comes on suddenly and you panic with pain, I remember those days, this really helps. My heart hurts for you. P