Update to my Best Christmas Present Blog

Since being prescribed with a higher 20mg doseof Amitriptyline in early December I have had very little trouble with EM symptoms.

Still get breakthrough flares on average once every evening or late night but they are very low grade and not enough to make me reach for the cold packs or fan.

The ulcers have healed and my feet are nearly normal looking despite being a bit puffy. All the heel cracks have gone.

The amiltriptyline still affects me in that my concentration levels are poor and I won't drive if I don't feel 'with it.'

The odd sensation of having tight shoes or stockings on is now just limited to the toe next to my big toe on each foot. There are other side effects but I can live with them.

Saw my doctor 5th January to let him know the medication has been a success (so far, fingers crossed) and he was really pleased. I asked him if he had put a diagnosis on the referral letter he wrote to the Rheumatologisg I am due to see in late January. He said he had put EM.due to what I had told him I had found out and his looking it up. Result!

Also asked if I had to stop the pills before the appointment so symptoms were evident. He said not to which was good to hear as I really really don't want to go back to the misery that I know is just lurking underneath the surface.

Still getting lost working my way round this group. It is easy to get sidetracked from one discussion leading on to something else entirely.

As most of you are on the other side of the pond to we few British members (still less that 20) most of the time I log on there is nobody else online.

Still haven't worked out how to make contact via the chat facility on the few occasions when there is someone else logged on.

Wishing everyone here the very best for 2012 :)

Hi there, I also suffer from ulcers to the feet, had them for over a year now and always getting infected and drs just can’t get them to heal up!! May I ask, how did yours heal? Did they do anything special that I could get tips for, as I’m constantly on antibiotics because of them! , thanks