Myeloperoxidase (MPO)

Hi Folks,
I have EM like symptoms (red feet and hands and pain) but doctors not sure about diagnosis yet. I’ve had extensive blood work and the one test that is high (>3000) is Myeloperoxidase (MPO). I subsequently had a heart stress test, EKG and coronary calcium scan (low). Blood pressure is low. Doctors don’t know why MPO is high but think it’s a sign of inflammation. My feet get quite red especially with use with pain getting much worse over last two years. Hands also get red but not nearly as bad as feet. Generally good health up until two years ago (58 yo male). Have periodic pain elsewhere legs, arms, chest but comes and goes with legs the most consistent pain. Back MRI shows some arthritis but not much else. Nerve testing normal. Only other condition is OLP (oral lichen planus) which also started about two years ago). I’m newly sensitive to both hot and cold, last summer was tough (hot) but cold is also difficult.

Sorry for everyone’s pain out there.

Any thoughts on the MPO?