Need advice urgently please about going into hospital

Hi everyone. On tuesday I have to go into hospital for gall bladder op My concerns are the stockings they make you wear for blood clots. Can they make my feet flare up? I worry about so many things like what will I do if they flare as at home I would walk about etc?I may have to stay in a couple of days because of Lupus and other health problems I have and I am not looking forward to this at all. Just buried my mum yesterday so mind all over the place. Thanks for reading

Hi there 1st I would like to say. Plz try and stop worrying. I too am, was very much like you but with the support you will revive from the guys on here, you will realise your not alone. So sorry to hear about your mam. Sounds like your going through so many things, that should happen in, someone's life time. All the stress and anxiety will make your flares worse. I have to be honest with you. My thread veins and some of the larger veins in my legs bust during a EM flares. For this reason I was told i would need to wear compression stocking all day everyday, only to be took off at night.

I lasted all of 3 days in them! My goodness the heat, pain, just made more Attacks on my legs. It was unbareable. Weighing up the pros-cons I decided I couldn't wear compression stocking it was impossible they made more veins burst to be honest.

i do know these stockings were alot thicker than you wear for a operation, so maybe it won't be to bad. Could you not ask for a fan at your bed side. Explain the situation and have the fan aimed at your legs?

I so hope everything goes well for you. I know you will get lots more replies from people plus the moderators who have a lot more knowledge than me helping you out. So hang on in there. Take care

Hi snow dragon. I was’ nt able to make any preparations for my stay in hospital as I was practically unconscious and it was an emergency admission. You may find the support stockings keep flares to a minimum as they did with me. I was two weeks in there, barely able to move without help. I used wet wipes to cover hot feet and with the help of painkillers it really wasn’t too bad at all. It helped that I was in pain from my operated leg and there is only so much I could pay attention to!
Good luck and let us know how it went.

Hi snow dragon. Sorry to hear about your mom. It's hard to deal with so many things at once. I haven't had to ever wear compression socks, so I can't help you on that front. Just wanted to lend moral support as we all deal with this strange EM issue that only we truly understand.

So sorry for all you’re going through Snowdragon. I had my gall bladder out about 10 years ago and didn’t have to wear tights. Check if it’s necessary.
I’m sure they could cool you down too if needed or use stockings without feet!?
All the best with the op and all you’re going through.
Weasel xx

Hi snowdragon, my thoughts are that you need to share your worries with the nurses and doctors when you arrive and they start your pre-op work-ups. I'm sure they will be happy to work with you to keep you as comfy as possible and modify the stockings .... as Weasel says to take the feet off or even just cut the toe section away, as needed. Whatever you do don't suffer in silence because you don't want to put anyone out or give them extra to do .... it is their job ...... I'll come round and tell you off if you do ;)

Wishing you all the best for Tuesday, I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of positive, healing thoughts down the road. Jules

Hi snowdragon, I am sorry for the loss of your mum, what a time for you. Have you mentioned your concerns to the surgeon about the stockings? I had my adrenal gland removed a year last month and I told the surgeon I didn't fancy the stockings and why. I was amazed that immediately he said better not to have them with the state of your feet and legs! I was dreading them just like you. It was also very hot then and they didn't have windows open on the ward. I asked for a fan and they brought me one. The hardest part was where to put the fan as it was a desk fan but I put in on my locker and aimed it at my feet and legs and it helped. I was going to take my own higher fan but I wasn't allowed as they said it had to be checked anything electrical. One good thing is that having your gall bladder out isn't such a big op as it was when I had mine removed in 1984. I have a huge scar and was in hospital for 2 weeks it should have been 10 days but the wound got infected. Now they do it quite different. I don't know if you have been told but the worst part for me was that when I started to eat I felt sickly, but they said to eat little and often and it worked. Good luck and all of us on here will be thinking of you.

I must admit that the nurses thought I was bonkers when I tried to explain EM to them but when I saw one had left a big tub of wet wipes by my bed, on purpose perhaps:) I captured and hid it. I poured water in to the tub so they were really wet and all day long replaced them as fast as they dried out.
I imagine it really won’t be as bad as you expect, especially when you think what you have already coped with.
Best wishes

So sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing. As far as having your gallbladder removed-I had mine out about a year ago and I was discharged the same day, probably 5 hours later. I was not ever told to wear compression stockings because I was up and walked out of the hospital. Recovery wasn’t bad, I returned to work in 4 days. Good luck, I don’t think it is going to be as bad as you think.

I am sure you are right jemma42 about it not being as bad as she thinks. It's so different to how it used to be, as with a lot of ops. A friend had his done last year and I was amazed how quickly he got back to normal compared with when I had it done in 1984. In those days it was considered a major op!

Thank you all for your kind words.i think with everything else I have and the pain i have things tend to freak e out a bit. This last year has been dreadful,with the illnesses and getting more on top sometimes i get very down.But reading your words I know you will be with me.Thank you xxx

Hi Snowdragon
I have not tried compression stockings although have thought about it as a way of reducing swelling. It is the thought of creating more heat that has put me off. I wonder how loose knit stockings would go. During my last spell in hospital I had a fan and my wife and other visitors all brought ice packs with them and I managed OK.
Good luck

I have awful trouble with the district nurses who do my ulcer dressings. The dressings they insist on using don't stick to me, well until the last time when I bought my own Activheal ones that do stick. They kept putting crepe bandages on to keep them in place and I always told them I didn't like that as they made my feet hotter and when my feet swelled up they were far too tight. What always happened was that when they had gone away I removed the bandages, but then the dressings were coming off and I had to do them again myself. As always the main problem is people not having a clue what EM is.

You really been handed a lot emotionally & physical toll this week, snowdragon, it seems...So, sorry about your mum...Know that my husband had his gall bladder removed, almost 10 yrs ago & they didn't make him wear them which...I think they're called embolism stockings, & he did good after the surgery without them. Though he doesn't have a history of blood clots either.. Maybe things have changed since then with what they see as helpful?..You need to let the surgeon know about your symptoms with your feet & tell him your concerns about wearing those stockings..I can sympathise with ajcb bella.....I have insufficient blood flow to my feet & legs & they insist I wear those compression 20-30 hose, they cause the same problem for me, too. Who knows, if they insist on you wearing those hose after surgery, snowdragon, it probably won't be for too long & the with the pain medication afterwards, it might not bother you?

I also had my gall bladder removed, pretty simple operation. Stayed in the hospital over night and gone. I did not have to wear compression stocks. I now wear compression stocks most of the day, both inside and out and it helps with swelling and discomfort and doesn't create flares.

Hi! I had surgery on left foot in January and had to wear compression stocking on right leg the entire time left leg was in cast and boot because of inactivity. MD felt that lack of activity predisposed leg not in cast/boot to clots. I had much less problem than I expected due to both legs being elevated most of the time. I was in bed and had a fan on them as needed. More discomfort if legs down both in operated foot and other foot. So, wear stockings - mid strength not strongest - elevate legs higher than heart and use fan with times in baths if they will let you. Caution - legs must be completely dry before you put on stockings, it is hard to pull them up if legs even slightly damp.

Hello, snowdragon! I do want to give you my sincerest condolences on your mum's passing. I lost my own mother 17 years ago, and know that the days and weeks following can be difficult. And now, on top of that, you have health problems that are always complicated by your EM! My podiatrist has recommended that I get compression wraps for my legs and feet. I told him about the EM and CRPS, but he (and the technician) say that the compression will relieve the swelling and water retention, and so will relieve the pain. If you do have to wear the stockings, I hope they work for you in a positive manner. I do agree with others here who say that you really must impress upon the doctors and nurses that you have EM and what that means, and make sure that your needs are met. Good luck to you!

Hi Snowdragon, When you go into the Hospital just make sure the Drs. and nurses listen carefully to what your body is telling you and communicate that to them. Try to not stress and have faith. Stress causes everything to be worse, so be calm but in control of your feelings. Hope this helps. Stay as cool as you can.

Thank you all for your advice xxxx