Need Help in South Florida


I haven’t been here in a long time. Been easier to just put my head in the sand. I have many medical issues, one of which is Ery. Though my Ery seems to be “light” compared to a lot of cases I have read about here, it’s still a major issue for me when added to all my other health problems. That and I can’t go outside since summer lasts 8 months in South Florida and the air temp doesn’t cool off enough even at night…

Anyway, to the point. I have seen 40 doctors over the course of 2 years for my mish-mash of symptoms . Right before I stopped working a year ago, my last stop was Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL. They said I had Fibromyalgia, Central Sentesisation Syndrome, damage to all areas of my brain (They got this when the opthoneuro examined my eyes), and optic nerve damage probably caused by optic neuritis (this was once of my first issues years ago). Mayo left me with a huge bill, no treatment and no Ery diagnosis.

At this point i am at a loss. I looked around the site and the only suggestions I could find in Florida were Mayo and a Dr. Russo. Clearly I won’t be gong to Mayo again and this Dr. Russo is very far from me. Does anyone know of a doctor in South Florida?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.