Need Neurologist in Middle Tennessee


I am in the appeal process of my disability. I just received notice that they are giving me 25 days to get more info in. I have been to 4 doctors (1 is PRN) about my EM. The PRN agrees that I have EM but when I called to get a diagnosis she said I would need to go see a Neurologist.

I have posted on a few places on boards asking if anyone could recommend a Neuro and so far I have not received a response.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Lisa a couple of things you can do to search here .... try the search bar at the top right of your screen and use the advanced search in the members tab to look for other members in your area and send them a friend request/message to ask for any recommendations.

Hope this helps. JulesG

Thanks Jules, I think I found a few on the FB page......will update after I find a doc and go to see them.