New and not sure if I have got this

Hi, a few years ago it started in the summer, my feet swell up left more than right. GP says High blood pressure take water tablets, have been taking them ever since.

Then my feet started burning as well but only in the hot weather and if I had been standing/walking for a while (have mobility problems anyway so not a great deal of standing/walking involved).

Then, about 18months ago I started to get hot flushes in which my face and neck burn as if they are on fire (I'm way past the menopause by the way!) this seems to happen in summer or winter hot or cold at any time of day and I've been puzzled over it.

Then I accidently found out about EM and thought Yes! that's me, but as I read further I realised that I didn't want it to be EM as it sounds quite nasty and I've got enough problems to go on with thank you very much.

I have asthma, arthritis, rhinitis, high blood pressure and vitiligo,(I think that's all!)

I used to love the summer sun but because of my skin condition vitiligo I have to stay in the shade, and now I even struggle to stay outdoors in the heat because of my feet.

I am due to see my GP 2nd July and am trying to gather information ready to bombard him with. I have printed out some, but not sure if it's enough.

Sorry it's so long winded but I hope someone will give me some tips on how to approach this with my GP, as I know it's going to be hard making him listen to me.

Thank you.

Hello, Do your feet swell and change colour with the burning pain, if it does then taking photos with you of the feet/neck/face to your doctors, this often helps the doctors diagnose if they don't get to see the flares for themselves. Getting as much information as you can is definitely the way to go. don't be too surprised if the doctor hasn't heard of it or seen it before, most havent. Good luck

I would just find another GP for this situation. You need to make sure you can find a doctor that will listen to you and help you. I've had to go through way too many doctors because all of them were very puzzled as to what it was and some of them don't know about the condition at all. Then, have your GP refer you to a neurologist, rheumatologist or dermatologist. I see a neurologist personally. Oh and I have this condition in my face and ears. It all started in my pregnancy and still is here two years later. But I have recently developed this in my hands as well. The burning pain you feel is how I feel too. Like my face is on fire, and can also happen at anytime, anywhere no matter what I'm doing. Heat does make it flare but overall I have this condition a lot of the time. I hope some of that helps, let me know if you have any questions!!! I know how hard it is to feel miserable especially during this hot hot summer.

Take care