Nodules between knuckles during flair

I get these Nodules between my knuckles feel like jelly filled balls. lt feels like my knuckles are spreading apart as they swell and flare too bad for too long. When they really flare up? Has anyone ever experienced this?

I don’t have this issue but does it look anything like the photos on google when searching “dactylitis”? Dactylitis is associated with number of autoimmune conditions but in particular the spondyloarthopathies like psoriatic and reactive arthritis but can also be present with lupus, sickle cell, and rheumatoid arhthritis. If this is the case, you might respond well to DMARD or other immune dampening medications. Swollen joints aren’t generally a sign of EM as it tends to be a circulatory issue that leads to generalized edema in severe cases. Joint swelling is a key sign of many autoimmune etiologies.

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I get these blister-like bumps that swell and are painful in the spring and fall when the weather starts to change. I went to my doc and he said it’s probably from the extreme cold and hot temps my fingers experience from Raynaud’s and EM. He did a biopsy but there was no conclusive result. Most of mine are on my knuckles. I use CBD balm on my hands for pain and it has been working really well. Hope you can find some relief!