Online support groups

Hi Guys.

I have been absent for few weeks but cant see anywhere that we have had this article.

Its about angioedema and urticaria (symptomatic of EM).

Very uplifting and inspirational

God bless


This article states what so many of us at Ben's Friends know -- online support groups can have a positive effect on your health. Thanks, Mads!

Good find! I think it’s funny how in the article it says doctors don’t like patients going online AND YET she was on a cocktail of meds because the docs didn’t know how to handle her condition. It’s the typical M.O. of today’s mainstream medicine: act superior, dumb it down when speaking to patients, and throw pills at them!! LOTS AND LOTS OF PILLS! But, for goodness sake, don’t let them think they can look into anything or choose not to take the pills. LOL! I love how they play God sometimes, and some are younger than I am!