Oral Amitriptyline or Venlafaxine

I am back after having had successful heart valve surgery two weeks ago. EM will be much more challenging than surgery recovery.

What with the Mayo cream not providing much relief, my doctor-contact there wants me to try either oral Amitriptyline or oral Venlafaxine.

What has been the experience of the community?

You should ask your physician about the cardiac effects of both. Amitriptyline is cardiotoxic and can cause serious arrhythmias and is usually contraindicated in anyone with recent heart surgery or disease. Venlafaxine can increase blood pressure by increasing norepinephrine, also not great after valve replacement. Definitely seek proper advice from a medical professional about the risks and benefits considering you’re coming off a serious procedure.

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Agree with Joeshmoe.
I found amitriptyline ( maybe could be described as an old fashioned medicine) not as effective as venlafaxine. I would want to start with a small dose, see how it goes. I am thinking of asking the doctor what he thinks about citalopram. Usually they let me try anything reasonable. I ran over the electric cord with my electric lawnmower and could not remember my bank password with mexiletine so had to give it up. Grass doing better now and can access my bank. All the best.

Yeah no new meds until my cardiac follow up next week

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I take amitriptaline 20 mg. I also have A-fib which is controlled by medication but have had no arrhythmia issues with the amitriptaline.

Does the Amitriptyline help?

It helps somewhat especially to sleep through mild flare. Higher dose would probably help more but I don’t want to take a chance with arrhythmia.