Pain Clinic Doc thinks a spinal nerve block could cure the pain

This is my first EM blog. Please reply with input letting me know if I should have added or put to much information.

I got EM from a traumatic child birth, and have had it for less than a year. I have an amazing primary care Doc, and she had never heard of EM but when she heard my symptoms it took her no time to figure out what was going on.

She tried several different things to treat it, to no avail. Two months in, as quickly as it came it stopped. No pain, no redness, no swelling and I honestly thought it was gone for good. Five months later it came back and this time it was far worse. I was unable to walk, the pain was so intense I felt like death would have been a reprieve (not that I would do that).

Im getting side tracked, SORRY. My primary doc had made it very clear that this was not a condition she could treat. She wanted me to see a Rheumatologist, endocrinologist, hematologist and a pain clinic. My insurance takes forever to get anything done, out of all those specialists the first one I was able to get in to see was the Pain Doc, He is also a back and spine specialist.

(Background info on me: I have JRA, TMJ, fibromyalgia and a clinical systemic lupus)

Going into the pain clinic they did this test where I sat on a sponge and the nurse touched me at random points and asked me to let her know when I felt something. Ive had a million tests and had never seen anything like this, Meeting new Docs are nerve racking for me. This Doc was from Uganda with a kind smile and an honest disposition, He explained the test to me (which I cant give an exact description) but it was basically checking nerves sensitivity. Showing me a graph of what the normal ranges were and how two of mine were way out of the normal range.

He explained to me that if he performed an epidural nerve block, after an MRI (to know exactly where and how bad the damage is) that it would help the pain in my feet dramatically!

I am having the procedure done on the 13th of this month! If in fact it diminishes some of this excruciating pain.. I will shout it from the rooftops. First to know will be you guys!

Wish me luck