Responsibilities of Patients

I guess there has been quite a bit of information about the rights of patients and I am all for those, especially in the medical profession were they have often been a side note .
The idea I would like to float is that we as chronic pain sufferers have responsibilities - especially to those who care for and assist us. In my mind ,the first of these as a patient is to do everything possible for the best health outcome. That means everything from trying to find the right medications ,to doing regular ( whatever is possible ) exercise. It may mean giving up drinking or smoking or keeping weight under control.It also means a commitment to sustaining this effort over the long term. Of course there are times when we need to rely on help or can’t find the push ,but if we can’t commit to trying how can we expect others to commit to our care .

Another responsibility is respect for the efforts of others - especially when they are involved in helping someone whose condition is chronic. I think that family members are important in this category ,especially those who are there day in and day out.Their efforts may be imperfect , but I am not sure that presenting a list of " things you need to do better" will really get the ideal response . Express gratitude freely and criticism carefully.

Chronic pain does shorten a sufferers temper, but to give in too easily ,risks developing this as a personality trait - who wants to be that cantankerous patient? I would not like to look after someone who practices an evil temper too readily.

I suppose it’s the old with rights come responsibilities idea and not even chronic pain is a free pass.
Happy for other ideas or debate ,Tizzy

I am 100% in agreement Tizzy and freely admit that following my accident I fell down on the ‘respect for the efforts of others’. I thought I was being grateful but I remember the frustration of being anchored to my bed and irritation at little things like a curtain improperly drawn or a damp towel not being removed so here and now I apologise to my poor daughter, dealing with a brand new baby and a moody old patient. She did an amazing job and I needed to get a bit better to recognise it.

I agree too Tizzy. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful supportive husband and I think even luckier that I naturally treat him with graciousness and respect 99 % of the time and he does the same for me. It has made living with this that much easier for myself and him.

For those it doesn’t come so naturally it is well worth the effort for all of your loved ones including yourself.
I know…I know…sometimes easier said than done :slight_smile:
I want to thank you Tizzy for reminding us of this. It can be very easy to loose sight of in the midst of all of your suffering.

Take care,