Article about Understanding Someone with Chronic Pain

This is an excellent article! I thought I'd share this because as dizzy posted one doctor told her to get a hobby! Most people do not understand chronic pain. And it is hurtful & unfortunate that those closest to us & actually see what we are going through may not understand & be compassionate. Most people think a doctor should just be able to give you a pill and make it all better. At the end is a YouTube video of a mom & daughter in the UK. This video is what made me first consider that I might have the same thing they have, Erythromelalgia. I say if you are having problems with close friends & family understanding it might be worth printing this out and giving them a copy.

this is really good stuff. even validating for us sufferers of chronic pain. thx for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing this. Just watched the u tube link. Next time I see the doctor I'll ask him to view it.

Thanks for posting…!

Great to feel validated.

Thought it good to revisit topic ;)

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I don’t know how I m I see this before. Thank you so much for sharing this.
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This is really great. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for posting - needed to see this today.


Merci beaucoup, thank you

This document will be very usefull for me.
But I diden't see the video that you said.

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This was wonderful, thanks! So many articles I’ve come across seem to miss some of the big points of chronic pain. Not this link.
I will be sending it to my friends, and also sending to my husband. He certainly means well, he loves me a lot, he helps me a lot, but needs a bit of a reminder on certain things (like not pushing pain meds on me).

A HUGE thank you for taking the time to post this!