Pain that wont go away! (Great article to raise awareness with medical profession/loved ones etc.)

Nice article on chronic pain highlighting EM.

Any thoughts?

195-ProspectsforTreatingChronicPainScientificAmerican31.pdf (926 KB)

Hi Mads,

I just received my Dec. 2014 Scientific American Magazine, and saw the article you are talking about. I'm two pages into it and I think it's a very good explanation of neurological pain (isn't all pain neurological?) I came here to tell people, and you already have. Great for you!

Thanks, Jane

I will send this link to my family members and friends. They have been truly interested in understanding what’s going on, and this discussion an excellent illustration are clear as you can get!

Thank you both for making sure to share with others when you find helpful information. It is much appreciated!

mads, I have to run in a minute, but here’s a shortened URL to this site:

It will be easier for someone to type into an address bar if they’re reading about it from a note. I’ll get back to you later.

…and Alina, you might have good uses for that shortened URL, too :slight_smile:

Thanks Anne, how kind of you.

I tend to upload articles as pdf from my library as a safeguard, incase URL disappears. But as you say- URL more practical for medics, etc. reading from a note. Good thinking :-). Getting this URL 'out there' will certainly help raise awareness. Your idea of every member forwarding URL onto 3 people is awesome. We are busy sending this to 'professionals', family and friends as we speak. Massive thanks for adding this information.Great stuff!

Big hug

For some reason I am still hit and miss on adding links to my messages. As a mid here you would think I was proficient with computers but it’s actually this site that has made me really start to use them on a regular basis. How do you shorten a URL?
Thank you so much for your help Ann.

You cant lol!

I uploaded the file for everyone as the article was initially on 'subscription'. Its now available free and Anne gave us the link which takes us to the site. For medical profession - more 'practical' to add a web link rather than give a support group link and then they open a file in fourm ;)

Scientists find a way to prevent, reverse chronic pain

Pain is a leading cause of disability in the US, affecting more Americans than cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined. But in a new study, researchers say they have discovered an "off switch" for pain, paving the way for new treatments.

Video- Pain matters

Google has a URL shortener here:
It’s a redirect, but it should be good as long as Google is around!