Controlling the brain

Here is a link to an interesting article [ ] that was published 6 years ago in the New York Times about neuroimaging and "teaching" our brains to feel less pain.

I'm curious if anyone has any feedback or experience with concepts such as these and the control of EM pain?

Interesting! When bio feed back was new it was expensive to go to a clinic, now, you can get inexpensive home versions that work well. This system is still in testing and promises to be very expensive and will certainly be limited to top pain clinics. Another 20 years of em before this system is viable? I don't think I can hang that long.

Thanks for this most interesting article on pain and how we're able to exact some control with our brains. The placebo effect was interesting because it showed how important it was with and without meds. The article gives me hope that we, as an EM chronic pain suffering group, are able to work to reduce our own pain without a mind/body altering drug. For me the article has even more validity because it was written by a chronic pain suffering individual.

I am now attempting to harness phantom pain and to accomplish that the brain is the most logical "machine designed to learn". The article states: "if you actively engage a certain brain region, you can alter it", meaning pain. It goes on to say the study "provides tangible evidence that people can change something in their own brains".