Stopping pain signals to the brain?

Hey everyone, just thinking outside the box here… I just read an article about research being done in Australia using a spinal chip to block pain from being transmitted to the brain ( It’s from 2010, but still. Does anybody know whether this is something that could work for EM patients? It may be a rather extreme measure, but if that’s what it takes… The article mentions it may work also for migraine sufferers for example, so…

Very interesting. I'm sure it's the way of the future vs all these terrible meds we take. Hope the "future" is not too far away.I

I heard of something like this being used in the States by Jerry Lewis for extreme backk pain. Problem is, if it blocks foot pain, how do you protect self from REAL foot accidents?

Let's keep our ears open for these kind of things!

It depends on exactly how it will work, and whether the signal it produces would also cancel out the terrible sensation of heat too. However, this device and others like it, along with the medications that are going through trials at present, show that there is hope that within the next decade, our condition could be far more easily managed than it is at present.