Pain relief through QUELL --a personal TENS system

Hi everyone.

I just received notice of a new pain relief product approved by the FDA ( see ) called QUELL. It is a portable, highly powered TENS system that has algorithms within it to change levels of stimulation so that habitation supposedly does not occur. One can wear it anywhere as well as during the night. It can be set to ongoing relief or as needed.

Have any of you used a TENS system for pain relief for your EM? TENS systems are used successfully for other neuropathies, so that is why I am wondering whether it might work for us.

Any info would be much appreciated as I am thinking about giving a donation that would provide one of these devices as well as joining the research project that is being advertised on Indiegogo (crowdfunding site).


Hello Dragica.
I haven’t tried this but I was wondering if you have yet and if you were able to participate In the research study?
Thank you for keeping us up on how you are doing.

I have tried TENS machines, with no effect, but maybe as this is a high powered one it might actually work. It will be interesting to see the outcome.

HI folks.

I haven't tried a TENS machine yet. I am still in the exploratory stage with several alternatives. After a day with bad flares 80% of the time, I am really feeling the need to try some new approaches. Will keep you posted.



Dragica, this article should raise some alarm bells about Quell:

It is so easy for a company to make their product sound like the latest and greatest thing; it is always good to seek our additional information, as you have done here. Did you try it? Did you get results?

I also wanted to comment on "approved by the FDA." Sometimes patients think this implies that the FDA has somehow endorsed the product or agreed that the product is effective. However, it merely means that the FDA does not believe that is poses a danger to patients.

Thank you all for your comments and resources. I've decided not to pursue the QUELL product and am researching other resources mentioned by Norman Doidge in his latest book "The Brains Way of Healing"--it's an excellent book and is well researched and highlights several methods that might be useful for Em sufferers.