T.E.N.S for pain

Hi All, I bought a TENS machine from Amazon to give it a whirl and have found it reasonably useful and quite cheap. It is a little gadget about the size of a cigarette packet with 2 wires ,each wire splits into two and has a little electrode at the end. That is 4 disposable electrodes to use. It delivers a mild electric current through the electrodes which is felt as a tingling, or pins and needle sensation. It runs on D cell batteries that last a variable time according to use - but a few days at least if used a lot and couple of weeks otherwise.

The idea is that the sensation delivered by the electric current interrupts the pain signals from the nerves. As though the pain signals are stopped at the pain gate ,as it is bombarded with this other sensation.

Sounds good in theory. I have not found any benefit for flares and find it too much if I an having one . I have found it useful for general leg and buttock pain and I am very happy with that indeed. I think this pain may be a mix of neuropathic and mechanical damage ie back.

I only use 2 electrodes ,otherwise it is very tangly. I put one just below the knee and the other just above the ankle. I set it fairly stronghly but not so there is muscle twitching. For my back I put one on my low back and one on my buttock.

The sensation,is not lovely but it is not horrible either as you can control the intensity . You do get used to it. I use it often when i rest. Think it is dangerous to walk around with due to wires. Anyone else like or dislike this little device?

I almost tried this. I purchased one but then upon reading the instructions and warnings. …I know I know I’m one of those people :slight_smile:
It mentioned not to use it in about 10 different medical situations and I had about 4 or 5 of those issues so I brought it to my doctor. He asked. … how much did you pay for that? Do you still have the receipt? He said he didn’t think it would help me at all with my condition and it tends to be more helpful with muscular conditions. He did however say that the spinal stimulator Veerla mentioned could possibly help. That works a little different because the stimulation is in your spine not on top of your skin on your muscle. I returned it and that was that. Please after continued use could you keep us updated Tizzy? I could always go back to thevstore! Thanks so much

Hi Guys,

Scrambler ( TENS) and spinal cord stimulator(SCS) seem to be fairly unexplored territory for majority of EM'ers. Whilst nether work for me, i will reiterate my stance in terms of my profound belief in neuroplasticity. Veerla rightly highlights that ,theoretically, neuro stimulators should benefit some relief . However, whether neuromodulation or neuroaugmentation has a role in the management of complicated EM pain remains to be seen. My experience of TENS (Scrambler) in EM'ers is that ,whilst it may confuse the hyper excited nerves and 'scramble' info ,it actually induces local inflammatory response- vasodilation and erythema. But as all things EM - its that individualised response and finding what works for you.

We had a brief look at this topic in August so thrilled we are revisiting. I really hope it helps you Tizzy- as you say has pretty good reports for general pain . I know you will keep us all informed ;)

Link to previous posts with research on TENS, SCS .


My daughter found a Tens machine remarkably helpful during labour. She had hired it though and it went back while I was still in hospital but I am not sure I would have dared try it on a flare! But for general back and hip/leg pain I would have liked to give it a go. Expensive to buy or hire unfortunately.